About GGLotto

GGLotto, founded in February 2011, provides access to the world’s biggest lottery games, Mega Millions and PowerBall, through purchasing service based in Seattle, WA, USA. We offer a purchasing service for lottery players who are non-residents of the United State of America, in a trustworthy, transparent, and completely legal way. GGLotto is not a gambling site. We simply provide a Purchasing Service upon your request.
GGLotto does not affect in any way your ticket or roll results, and never engages in any related manipulative activities.
We are not associated with any government organization, or the Mega Millions or PowerBall lottery commissions.
We do not receive any commission from our winners, and we provide several convenient services to our customer.
  Company Name
|   MK International LLC
  WebSite Info.
|   http://www.gglotto.com
  License Number
|   NV20101577807
  Postal Address
|   126 SW 148th St Ste C100-Box#423 BURIEN WA USA 98166
  Office Phone#
|   +1-425-336-3687
GGLotto provides several services for your convenience, as seen below
  • You can make a transaction on our website using payment methods that include Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram,
  • ------and Bank Wire Transfer.
  • You can order by choosing your lucky numbers, or you can choose to play by Retailer Quick Pick.
  • If you want to receive a physical lottery ticket, we offer the Non-Prize Mailing Service.
  • The GGLotto server is powered by MicroSoft Data Center in San Jose, CA, USA with a 3-step security system.
  • Jackpot and 2nd prize winners receive full process support to claim their winnings.
  • We pay winnings to winners of 3rd Prize or below immediately.
  • If you have any question or inconvenience while using our service, feel free to contact our support team.

    Thank you again being with us.

    We will do our best for your play and winning the biggest lottery in the world.

    GGLotto Supervisor, Edward B. Johns

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