How to Claim Your Prize

There are 3 winning cases. 1)Jackpot 2)Second Place 3)3rd Place and below

If the prize is less than $ 600 then you will receive your winnings as cash without any tax deduction at any official lottery store.
In general, if the winnings are over $601 then you must claim the prize money from the State Lottery office.

As described on the left, Washington State’s Lottery Association specifies that non-resident foreigners are able to purchase Lottery tickets and may receive prize money without issue.

1 When you win the Jackpot, you will be able to claim your prize money with our full support
  • When there is a Jackpot winner among our customers, we keep the Jackpot Ticket in a Safety Deposit Box at a BOA Seattle branch.
  • We call Jackpot winners and inform them of their winnings. We will arrange a flight schedule and handle VISA processing for winners.
  • If you land in Seattle, our GGLotto staff will pick you up at the airport and we will discuss the prize collection process.
  • After confirming that you are the person who ordered the winning ticket by checking your official ID, you will receive Jackpot-winning ticket.
  • You will next need to decide whether to get an annuity payment plan, or take the lump sum payment option.
  • We do not charge any cost for you to stay in Seattle and claim or collect your Jackpot prize.
  • -----The GGLotto team will assist with the entire process.
  • After finishing claiming your Jackpot prize, you can choose to stay here in Seattle or go back to your country of origin
  • -----during the prize claim screening period.
  • If you choose the lumpsum payment option, you will receive a single check in the entire prize amount. You can deposit this at any US bank.
  • If the winner so wishes, you and your entire family can begin the application process for US Permanent Residency.
  • We do not charge any kind of cost for these services described above, and the full amount of the prize money goes to the winner.
  • 2If there is a 2nd Prize winner among our customers, we assist with the prize claim process.
  • If your name is written on your 2nd Prize winning ticket, the process will be the same as in the case above.
  • If your 2nd Prize ticket is not signed on the back, you can choose to have the GGLotto staff claim it for you, or we will wait for you to arrive
  • -----at your request. If you choose to claim it yourself, we will provide round-flight airline tickets and assist with Visa processing.
  • However, if you want the GGLotto staff to claim your prize for you, then the staff will collect your winnings and transmit them to your bank.
  • 3 When you win 3rd Prize or below, your prize will be transferred to your account immediately.
  • After the Lottery Drawing, the winning numbers are published on official lottery website, and we update them on the GGLotto website.
  • -----At the same time, the GGLotto system sorts out winners from among our customers.
  • If your prize money exceeds $601, your prize money will be transferred to your account following a 30% tax deduction.
  • Even if the 3rd Prize amount is large, GGLotto always transfer it in full to your account balance in advance.
  • If you want to get your prize money transferred to your bank account, you can submit a request on the Cash Out page.
  • -----When you request a Cash Out, we always transfer the money to you within 3 working hours.
  • Our staff will collect the prize money on your behalf by visiting an Official lottery store, or the Washington State Lottery Association.
  • In general, when there is a Jackpot winner in the USA, the process for receiving your winnings is as below.
  • 1) You have to visit the State Lottery Office and claim your prize money in person.
  • As strongly recommended by the State Lottery Association, the winner should take a picture holding a prize money signboard
  • 2) The screening process will take 6-8 weeks, and is conducted by the State Lottery Association.
  • If there are no other claims to your winning ticket from any other parties after the 6-8 week screening period, you will receive one check in the whole prize amount. The American Lottery System is very trustworthy and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about collecting your prize money once you have a winning ticket.
  • 3) You will receive one check for the whole prize amount. You can deposit this chect at any US bank.
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