How It Works

A Simple and Secure USA Mega Millions and PowerBall Lottery Purchasing Service.

Once you place an order though GGLotto, we puchase lottery tickets on your behalf by visiting official lottery stores here in Seattle, WA, USA. After we purchase the physical ticket(s), we write your English Name in Capital Letters on the back of your lottery ticket if Signature Service is selected. Next, we scan both sides of your ticket(s), which you can view by logging into your account.
At same time, you will receive a confirmation email attached with the scanned copy(s).

Each scanned ticket is stamped by the lottery machine with a serial number, along with the date, time, and place of purchase. After the ticket is scanned, it is carefully placed in a secure, safe location.
Click the video to the right, which explains the whole process for your easy understanding.

Once you place an order on our website, heres how our work process goes.
You Order
(Online Order)
BetSlip Printing
(08~10AM PST)
We Buy
(Official Lottery Store)
You See
(Lottery Scans)
You Win
1. You Order
You place an order on our website.
Daily orders close 7:59AM PST
2. BetSlip Marking
We print out the BetSlips with your numbers to purchase lottery tickets.
In General, we begin work at 8:00AM PST.
Starts after daily orders close
3. We Buy
We purchase your lottery ticket(s) using a printed BetSlip at an official store.
4. Write Your Name
We print your English Name in Capital Letters on the Back of Your Lottery ticket(s). * When a ticket signed with your name, you are the only one who can claim the the Jackpot, 2nd, or 3rd Prize.
You can request this Signature Service whenever you make an order.
5. Scan Your Ticket(s)
We scan both sides of your ticket(s) and upload them to the GGLotto website.
You can see these scans from the My Account menu. We also send them to you via email. Your lottery tickets are carefully placed in a secure location.
Completed no later than 2 hours
before the Drawing
6. You Win
6. After the Drawing
Prize amounts will be transferred to your account immediately except for Jackpot and 2nd Prize winnings. Our staff will collect the prize money on your behalf.
You can transfer your prize to your bank account by make a Cash Out request.
Within 30mins after the Drawing
  • When you win any prize, you will receive an email from us after the drawing.
  • When there is a Jackpot or 2nd Prize winner among our customer, please refer to “How to Claim Your Prize”.
  • When you win 3rd Prize or below, your prize will be transferred immediately to your account.
  • Our staff will collect the prize money on your behalf by visiting an Official Washington lottery store or the Lottery Association.
  • If you want your prize money transferred to your bank account, you can submit a request on the Cash-Out page.
  • When you request a Cash Out, we always transfer your money to you within 3 working hours.
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