Payment Methods

We accept all the most popular payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal for purchases.
You can use Western Union, Money Gram, or International Bank Wired Transfer as well.

No credit card? No problem.

If you don't have a credit card, or don't feel comfortable using our website. We believe this should not be an obstacle, and we are happy to offer you a number of different options for purchasing USA Mega Millions or PowerBall Lottery tickets from our website.

Credit Card

We accept the most popular credit card types, including Visa, Diners Club, Mastercard, and AMEX.
The GGLotto website is protected by GoDaddy 128-bit security layer. You never have to worry about the leaking of your private or financial information. We guarantee that every transaction you make through the GGLotto will be safe and secure.

AUTHORIZING Your Credit Card:
  • In order to prevent credit card fraud or compromise, we perform credit card verification.
  • When registering your card with GGLotto you must submit a picture of the front of your card to confirm rightful ownership.
  • This policy is in place to ensure maintained privacy and secure purchasing for all customers using credit cards.
  • Paypal

    You can use PayPal to order USA Lottery tickets, or pay from your deposited funds on our website.
    The PayPal online payment platform is one of the leaders in the industry. All you need to use it is an email address.
    For a detailed explanation on how to use PayPal, find more info at

    Advantages of PayPal:
  • Secure: your financial details are never shared
  • Free of charge
  • Easy: PayPal remembers everything for you and lets you pay with just a few clicks
  • Fast: you don't have to enter your credit card information to use PayPal

    A wire transfer can be made from your local bank account to an international bank account.
    At all times, your private financial details are kept safe and secure between you and your financial institution.
    International remittances can be done at a foreign currency bank, or by using a smartphone banking app.

    Western Union, Money Gram

    Western Union and MoneyGram is an easy payment method for making deposits.
    You can find out how to use this at a Western Union or Money Gram location near you.
    Once you send the money using one of these methods, we can receive the funds within 1 working hour.
    For more detailed information on these services, please check their websites at: or

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