USA Lottery Guide for Beginners

GGLotto operates in Seattle, USA and provides a daily Lotto Ticket Purchasing Service.

There are many companies that offer purchasing services for different American products.
GGLotto specifically provides a Purchasing Service for American lottery tickets in a convenient, secure, and reliable.
There is no issue with purchasing American lottery tickets or receiving prize money for non US-residents and foreigners.

Are there issues for non-US Citizens who are not US-residents to use this service?

GGLotto operates in Washington State, and the Washington Lottery Association specifies on their official website that non-residents and non-US citizens can participate in American Lottery games without issue, as seen in the image to the right. The image to the right is a screenshot of the official Washington Lottery Association website.

What are the differences between the American and other country’s lotteries?

The biggest difference between these two lottery systems is the jackpot amounts. The American jackpot prize is always much larger. The 2nd Prize in American lottery games is often about the same amount as the jackpot amount in many other countries.

In American lottery games you choose five numbers from between 1-70 (MegaMillions), or 1-69 (PowerBall), in one section, and one number from 1-25 (MegaMillions), or 1-26 (PowerBall), in the other section. To win the Jackpot, you must match all numbers in both sections. However, this does not mean it’s easy to win your country’s Jackpot.

If there is no 1st Prize winner, the Jackpot amount is rolled over to the next game. There can be unlimited roll-overs. Foreigner 1st Prize winners may be eligible to receive residency status for themselves and their families in the United States. There can be unlimited roll-overs.

Maybe people across the world want to participate in American Lottery games because the American lottery system is operated very professionally and reliably. Login today and make a purchase for your chance to win the jackpot or 2nd Prize and make all your dreams come true!

Will I really receive all my prize money if I win the Jackpot?

Yes, if you are a Jackpot winner you will directly claim your prize from the Lottery Bureau,
and payment will be issued within 6-8 weeks of the submission of the winning ticket.

Only the purchaser of the winning lottery ticket is eligible to claim their prize. You can prove your identity as the purchaser of the winning with either 1) the scanned copy of the winning ticket, 2) Checkout confirmation email, or 3) Purchase Confirmation Email. Simply bring one or more of these documents with you to the US Lottery Office to identify yourself as the winner and claim your prize.
Through the American Prize Claiming Procedure, you are only the one who can claim the prize when you win the Jackpot using a purchasing service like GGLotto.

GGLotto, which is owned and operated by MK International LLC, has the top priority of always ensuring the safety and security of our customer’s purchased tickets and personal information, as well as providing a fast, secure, and reliable service.
You may also request to receive your purchased non-winning lottery tickets using the Non-Prize Ticket Mailing Service.

  • GGLotto does not make any additional profit by marking up the prices of the lottery tickets we purchase on
  • ------our customers’ behalf. This is not a resale business.
  • GGLotto is not a gambling service. We offer a Courier and Vending Service to allow foreigners to purchase
  • ------US Lottery tickets, in compliance all US laws and regulations.
  • No action or policy of GGLotto affects or influences the chances of our customers who purchase US Lottery Tickets
  • ------to win, or effect the drawing results or prize amounts.
  • GGLotto is not directly associated with the US Federal Lottery Beureau, any State Lottery Association(s), or any other
  • ------related organizations. We simply provide a purchase service for our customers.
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