QR Code scanning via WA Lottery Official App


GGLotto operates a US lottery purchasing service in Seattle, Washington, USA. Washington lottery tickets have QR codes for player convenience.

Using the QR code you can check your ticket results , and verify the lottery ticket is genuine. The Official Washington Lottery website has explanations about the QR codes as well.
You can check by visiting at https://www.walottery.com/app/.

The Washington Lottery Association provides Android & iPhone Apps for lottery players. This is developed for US citizens. Non-US resident should follow as below.

How to install the WA Lottery App on Android

An APK file has been prepared for Android users. Click here and download!

1) The download file is a Zip file. You will see the ‘Washington Lottery_v1.1_apkpure.com.apk’ file when you uncompress.
2) Move the APK file to your Micro SD card to use it on your Android device.
3) Insert a Micro SD card into your device and then execute and install the APK file using File Manager.

For more information on how to install using an APK file, search ‘How to install the APK’ on Google.

How to install the WA Lottery APP on an iPhone

You have to use an American account to intall. We prepared a step by step guide for your easy understanding.
You can find more information by searching ‘How do I download American apps on iPhone?’ via Google or YouTube.

1) Go to your iPhone > Settings > iTunes & App Store.
2) Hit ‘Sign Out’ to make a new US Apple ID.
3) Launch the ‘App Store’ and then hit any App, and try to Install it. You will see a ‘Sign In’ prompt popup.
3) Next hit ‘Create New Apple ID’.

4) Enter an email and a password to create a new account.
5) In the country tab, select ‘United States’.
6) Enter your name, birthday, and security questions.
7) On the next screen you will see the ‘Payment Method’ and ‘Billing Address’ fields.
7) Choose ‘None’ for Payment Method and enter your Billing Address. You can write as shown in the image above.

The final step is entering a verification code. You may receive an email with the code. Congratulations, you are done.
Launch the “App Store” and then find “WA lottery”. You will see the official app. Just install and enjoy!.

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