USA Lottery Guide

Here are example images of Washington State Bet-Slips and Lotto Tickets.

GGLotto members can choose QuickPlay and MultiDaw options, as well as Non-Prize Ticket Mailing Service.

Image of a Washington State Mega Millions, PowerBall Bet-Slip

  • As seen in the image, you can choose to play up to 5 games per ticket in the A-E panels.
  • No.1 shows the MultiDraw option, and you can choose from 2-10 drawings.
  • No.2 shows the MegaPlier or PowerPlay option.
  • Before the game is played the tickets are the same. After printing, they each display the different chosen numbers.

  • No.1 shows the MegaPlier and PowerPlay option, from which Yes or No was chosen.
  • No.2 shows the QuickPick option is selected. The letters ‘QP’ are printed next to the chosen game numbers.
  • No.3 shows the number of MultiDraws and the MultiDraw drawings period.
  • No.4 shows the customer’s English name in Capital letters printed on the back of the ticket.
  • No.5 shows this ticket is a one-time drawing ticket. MultiDraw was not selected.
  • No.6 shows the QR code. Using smartphone app of Washington lottery association,
  • ------you can check this ticket is genuine or not and winning result after the drawing.
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    Jackpot : US$ 168,000,000
    Drawing : Tue, 23 Jul 23:00
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    Jackpot : US$ 53,000,000
    Drawing : Wed, 24 Jul 22:59
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