USA Lottery Guide

Almost every country is operating a Lottery game where the customer chooses their numbers, and imitates America’s Lottery system as a basic model.

In your country, there will be Lotto games where contestants choose game numbers, and there will only be a slight difference between your country’s game and the USA. Therefore, the system and policies of the Korean and American lottery games are very similar. You can view bet-slips and physical scans of game tickets for American lottery games on the right.
As you can see in the image, the American tickets are almost twice as long as your country’s lotto tickets.

How to purchase Mega Millions and PowerBall tickets from the USA.
  • You mark the numbers you want to choose on a Bet-Slip to play Lotto game.
  • When using QuickPick, the numbers are chosen automatically for you by the lotto machine.
  • ------For a QuickPlay game, the letters ‘QP’ are printed next to the chosen numbers.
  • Only cash may be used to purchase, and a receipt is issued at the time of purchase.
  • Confirm that the chosen numbers shown are correct and then sign on the back of the ticket.
  • ------With Signature Service, customer’s English name is printed in Capitals on the back of their ticket(s).
  • At the time of the drawing you can watching the drawing broadcast, or confirm the chosen
  • ------numbers on the official Lottery website.
  • For prize amounts of less than $600, you can claim your cash winnings at any Lottery Shop.
  • For large prize amounts such as the Jackpot, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize, you must claim your winnings at the Official
  • ------Lottery Office, and will receive your prize by check within 6-8 weeks in the mail.
  • Lottery Games Comparison Chart
    Korean Lotto
    Mega Millions
    1 / 8,145,060
    1 / 302,575,350
    1 / 292,201,338
    1 billion ~ 3 billion KRW
    US$ 40 million~ 640 million
    44 billion ~ 704 billion KRW
    US$ 40 million ~ 1,586 million
    440 billion ~ 1,738 billlions KRW
    Jackpot Matches
    6 Lotto Balls
    5 White Balls + 1 Mega Ball
    5 White Balls + 1 Power Ball
    2nd Prize
    50 million ~ 200 million KRW
    US$ 1 million - 5 million
    1.1 billion - 5.5 billion KRW
    Odds: 1 / 12,607,306
    US$ 1 million - 2 million
    1.1 billion - 2.2 billion KRW
    Odds: 1 / 11,688,975
    2nd Prize Matches
    5 Lotto Balls + 1 Bonus Ball
    5 White Balls
    5 White Balls

    Even though the odds are lower for American lottery games than your country lottery system, there are still Jackpot winners.
    The odds of winning an American lottery’s 2nd prize are lower than your country’s Jackpot, but the prize amounts are very similar.

    Only American lottery games have special options to choose from
  • For American Lottery games, you can also choose to play with QuickPick. GGLotto customers have this option.
  • You can also choose the MegaPlier and PowerPlay options the MegaMillions and PowerBall games for $2.00 extra per game.
  • ------These multiplers can increase your prize amounts for 2nd Prize to 9th Prize winnings.
  • The MultiDraw option allows you to place an order for multiple drawings with one order for 2-10 drawings.
  • -------There is a discount of up to 10% on your ticket purchases when using the MultiDraw service.
  • The Bet-Slip and Lotto Ticket designs vary by State, but the game rules are the same across the USA.
  • We provide the best and most cost-efficient Lotto Ticket Purchasing Service available for your convenience!
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